Every farmer or summer resident knows that cultivating the land on his farm with a shovel, hand ripper or other hand tools is difficult and ineffective. The most reliable and popular cultivators will help in this work. With the help of various attachments, they can significantly facilitate the main types of work with the ground. The article provides an overview of the most reliable and popular motor cultivators.

Cultivator for tillage

Motorized cultivators are widely used for soil cultivation in households, rural areas and farms. In order to grow a good harvest, you need to perform continuous loosening of the soil, removing weeds, hilling the beds and many other operations. The result of cultivation is: facilitating the circulation of air and water in the soil, improving conditions for the growth of roots, and much more.

Cultivator AL-KO

The most reliable and popular cultivators

The market offers various brands of cultivators. Below is a small rating of cultivators that can be considered the most popular and high quality. The best brands are listed at the top of the list. Not all the best and famous models are shown here. For example, not mentioned: rotary cultivator Top Keeper, Hobby, MTZ, Patriot, Mole.


The AL-KO cultivator is professional and reliable. It is suitable for both small areas and large areas. It uses modern technical materials and high quality components.

On a note. The ALKO cultivator has a compact size, which is combined with a powerful four-stroke engine.

The unit is structured as follows:

  1. It has one wheel for moving the device.
  2. The steering is carried out with the help of a steering wheel, which in its appearance resembles a bicycle.
  3. Powerful and reliable four-stroke motor.
  4. To protect the worker from the earth and stones flying out from under the cultivator during work, there are special wings and shields.

This engine allows you to handle large areas without overheating. At the same time, one of its important characteristics is moderate consumption of gasoline.

There are two types of equipment offered for sale:

  1. A lug or a knife for cultivating the soil allows you to loosen the top layer of the earth, along the way, cutting and destroying weeds.
  2. The hiller plow makes it possible to plow the cultivated area with the help of the ALCO cultivator.



These famous cultivators are produced in Italy. They are of two main types:

  • row crops;
  • steam.

The first of them are intended for soil cultivation during crop cultivation. Steam - needed to prepare the soil for sowing. The Efko cultivator is quite mobile, which is why buyers demanded this brand when working on small areas with a complex configuration. One example of this would be an area with trees.

They are equipped with powerful and reliable four-stroke engines from B&C and Honda. The mechanism uses a worm gear. For more powerful models, the use of a chain reducer is provided, in the MZ 2100R GX160 model, a gear type is provided, capable of providing a wider range of speeds and high torque.

Interesting. The kit includes trimming discs and cutters when sold.Practically in all offered models of Efco cultivators (except for MZ 2040), the ability to use attachments is available.

The following types of equipment are produced:

  1. Devices with a working width of 36 cm. They are designed to work on small areas of land. The motor power is 4 hp. The depth to which the land is cultivated is 26 cm. The weight of the device is 32 kg.
  2. Those with a 60 cm wide processed strip. Power is 5.5 hp. The weight of the unit is heavier than in the previous case - 45 kg. Only one speed is provided here. Such cultivators can be used to work in small areas with complex configurations. The tillage depth is 36 cm.
  3. Units with working widths from 60 to 80 cm. They are more stable when driving. They have two speeds, and one of them provides backward movement. Engine power ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 hp. The soil is cultivated at a depth of 36 cm. The unit weighs 50 kg.
  4. Designed for processing areas of significant size. The width of the processed strip ranges from 65 to 95 cm. The engine has the ability to operate at three speeds: two forward and one rear. The tillage depth is 36 cm. The weight of the device is 65 kg. The engine power is 5.5 hp. Extended capabilities are provided in order to work with attachments.


The Viking cultivator uses a powerful four-stroke engine. In such devices, a distinctive feature is the overhead valve arrangement. The Viking motor cultivator uses a low motor position in its design. This is important to ensure that this unit is properly balanced.


In these models, it is possible to facilitate the transportation of the cultivator; for this purpose, two additional wheels are installed. The width of the processed strip can be adjusted. For younger models, it is 45 cm, for the most powerful - 85 cm.

Note! In order to make the unit convenient to operate, the handles are connected to the main part through a special device that is designed to absorb vibration. This feature creates comfort even if the work takes place for a long time.

In addition, the height adjustment of the control handles is provided. Additionally, it is possible to fold them in order to facilitate the transportation process.

All rotating parts of the cultivator are equipped with a safety guard.

The Viking cultivator provides the ability to connect attachments.

In the event that work is carried out on dense, solid soils, it is possible to make the cultivator heavier by hanging an additional load.


Devices of this brand are available with both gasoline and electric motors.

Thinking that the cultivator is electric or gasoline is better, you need to consider that each option is designed for its own range of tasks.

The first of them are convenient in order to carry out work in areas of a large area or on those that are located at a great distance. Devices equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine have a power that reaches up to 7 hp in some models. It uses a hex gearbox as well as a belt clutch.


The Elitech cultivator with an electric motor will be convenient for those who need to cultivate their garden plot. For this device there is no need for regular refueling, it is easy to work with it, it costs less than gasoline models.

Such a device is highly maneuverable. With its help, it is convenient to handle narrow areas or those with a complex configuration. The motor power is 2000 W. The width of the working strip for the electric model is 45 cm.The depth of cultivation is 15 cm.


An electric cultivator of this brand is designed for processing areas that have an area of ​​no more than 20 acres. The device uses a motor that can have a power of 1, 1.5 or 2 kW. Belarusian asynchronous motors are used here.

The petrol models use four-stroke Mega MG-600 or Champion G160VK engines with 5 hp.

When working on this device, you must move backward.

The LopLosh cultivator is specially designed so that it does not require any maintenance during its use. This can be achieved in the following way.


Usually, a gasoline engine requires constant monitoring and careful maintenance during operation. When the spring-summer season comes, the cultivator usually needs to be brought into working condition after long-term storage. This problem does not arise for this brand. The LopLosh cultivator can be used for work immediately after long-term storage.

Note. One of the important features of this device is the use of grease in the gearbox. When applied, there is no need to replace or add it.

The lifespan of the LopLosh electric cultivator is from 10 to 15 years.

The design uses a gear reducer. It is designed in such a way as to have increased reliability.

The only care this unit needs is to keep it clean. It is recommended to fill the threads intended for fastening the cutters with a thick grease, for example, you can use Litol for this purpose.

Choosing the best and inexpensive motor cultivator

Note. When looking for the right low-cost device, it is important to know how to select the cultivator that best suits the buyer's situation.

Speaking about the rating of the best walk-behind tractor for a summer residence, you need to understand that you need to evaluate the device comprehensively and in accordance with the tasks for which they intend to purchase it.

When choosing, it is recommended to take into account the following characteristics:

  1. The area of ​​the site where this device will need to be used. The smaller it is, the smaller and more maneuverable the cultivator should be.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the plot of land. For example, the presence of uplifts, depressions, narrow passages or trees in the cultivated area is important. If the land configuration is complex, compact and maneuverable mechanisms will be more convenient.
  3. Consider the following when choosing a suitable engine power. More powerful devices are suitable for large areas and tighter soils, but are more difficult and tedious to use. Less powerful ones are easier to operate, but they are designed for relatively small areas.
  4. The engine type largely determines the performance of the cultivator. Electric motors have less power, but they constantly need recharging or need to be connected to the mains. Used gasoline engines are two-stroke or four-stroke. The latter combine increased power and more economical fuel consumption.
  5. It is necessary to take into account the depth to which the land is cultivated. Usually it is in the range from 25 to 36 cm. Shallower tillage does not disturb the soil microstructure and fertile layer, it is suitable for most soil tillage operations.
  6. Cultivator working band width. In various models, it can be in the range from 15 to 95 cm. The wider this strip, the faster the area can be processed. Some devices have the ability to adjust the width of the working band.
  7. A system that provides control and maneuvering of the cultivator. It includes handles, a gas and clutch button, a gearshift lever. Ease of use is important.
  8. Selection of the required type of clutch and gearbox. The most reliable option is considered to be a gear reducer and a clutch. Usually they are installed on the most powerful models of cultivators.When used in the middle class of devices, the chain reducer and belt clutch have proven themselves well. When it comes to the lightest devices, they often use a worm gear and a centrifugal clutch.
  9. Use of attachments. Although many models provide such an opportunity, there are some that do not provide this.
  10. Safety of work provides for the presence of a protective casing that covers rotating parts and wings, does not allow clods of earth to fall on a person during work.

Note. Prices can range from 10 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. If a farmer has plans to buy a tractor, then it will have to pay an even higher price.

The choice of the most suitable cultivator is based on a comprehensive assessment of the possible options that the market offers. Price is one of the most important criteria, but you need to take into account the performance of such devices. The rating of motor-cultivators in some cases can help you choose the right model.