The summer cottage season is about to begin, so it's time to think about all the plants that are planned to be grown on the site. In this matter, the main thing to remember is that not all plants are safe for the garden. You need to know the "enemy" by sight!

Lilies of the valley

At first glance, such delicate and fragrant bells do not bode well. In fact, it is a highly toxic plant that can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in both humans and animals.


If an animal accidentally swallows at least one of its flowers, then this will instantly affect the work of its kidneys.


Another name for buttercup is "night blindness" and it's not in vain! If you touch a flower and then rub your eyes, you can get very strong irritation of the mucous membranes.


The vastness of the Internet is full of information about the healing properties of elderberry, but few people think that this berry has several varieties. So, the black berry is a source of vitamins, while the red one is the causative agent of diarrhea.


The most beautiful blue flowers on a high stem - it seems that you can admire them forever. The main thing is to do it at a distance. Otherwise, skin irritation and itching cannot be avoided!


The flower is very similar to aconite, only in this case the inflorescences have a dark red tint. The poison in the plant can cause problems with the cardiovascular system. Why risk it, it's better to admire from afar!

Castor oil plant

It is from this plant that the beloved castor oil is obtained. But in order to obtain it, it undergoes the strongest heat treatment. In its pure form, castor oil is very dangerous and can affect the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Wolf bast

The plant is rare, so many gardeners are trying to plant it in their area. Just a few of its berries can be fatal.


Even in ancient times, beauties dripped the juice of this plant into their eyes. Yes, there really was an effect, the eyes became more expressive and shiny, but the side effects were not worth it: convulsions and photophobia.


The plant is so beautiful that your hands are drawn to decorate your garden with it. But this is absolutely not worth doing: just a couple of its grains can be fatal.