Soda is such a versatile product that is actively used both in everyday life and hygiene, and in the agricultural industry to combat weeds and pests. How can you use it with benefit on your site?

Powdery mildew

Every gardener knows this ominous phrase "powdery mildew". It is from her that most horticultural crops suffer. This is a fungal-type disease that quickly infects all nearby plants.

The following irrigation solution can stop this process: a tablespoon of soda and vegetable oil is dissolved in one liter of water, a couple of drops of detergent are added. Everything is thoroughly mixed and poured into a spray bottle.


Roses are flowers of extraordinary beauty with a bright aroma. But, alas, they do not please with their appearance for long. To extend their flowering period, you need to prepare the following solution: a teaspoon of soda and half a teaspoon of ammonia are dissolved in five liters of water. Watering the bushes with such a composition, new shoots. They will not keep themselves waiting long.


Sometimes weeds grow in places so hard to reach that getting them out of there is not an easy task. For example, this applies to paving slabs. In order to somehow influence their growth in these zones, you can prepare a strong soda solution, which will make the soil infertile and unfavorable for growth.


Whoever has ever grown cabbage probably knows that the worst enemy for this crop is caterpillars. To scare them away, you can prepare a mixture of flour and soda and sprinkle it on the fruits themselves and close the laid soil.

Top dressing

Who would have thought that watering tomatoes with a weak solution of soda will make them much sweeter and tastier.


This is another attack that attacks green bushes. To get rid of it, you need to spray them with a solution prepared as follows: dilute 15 grams of soda in half a liter of water.

The soil


If acidic soil prevails on the site, then you can improve it in the most affordable way - by yourself. It is necessary to dilute a hundred-gram pack of it per liter of water and so water every piece of land.


Watering still green bunches of grapes with a weak soda solution will give the future harvest a special sweetness.


When working on site, be sure to protect your hands. Sometimes it happens that dirt even manages to get through gloves. The appearance of the hands immediately looks unaesthetic. Washing them with soda can solve this problem. Small particles of this substance enter the deep layers of the skin, cleansing it.


Compost has an unpleasant smell. This is especially felt at the moment of its decay. Again, soda can help in this matter. You just need to pour it into the hole and it will absorb most of these odors.