An experienced summer resident can use any garbage for the benefit of his site. What can be made from a regular plastic bottle?

Garden path

To do this, use the bottoms of the bottles, laid in loose sand. It is important that they are completely filled with sand. Using various color combinations, you can decorate the site with an unusual path.


A regular plastic bottle works well to create the necessary amenities. If you cut off the bottom from it and fix it vertically, then if necessary, you can wash your hands from it.


It is not necessary to buy garden accessories, for example, you can cut a scoop or a small spatula from an ordinary bottle. It is enough to have a knife at hand.

Insect traps

The lower part is cut and inserted into the upper with the narrow part down. Sugar syrup is poured at the bottom.

Garden curtain

Unusual pieces of plastic strung on a fishing line can add beauty and comfort to a home or garden. It only takes a little perseverance and imagination.

Unusual lamp

For those familiar with electricity, it will not be difficult to build a beautiful plastic lamp. It is important that the light bulb does not come into contact with the material, otherwise it may melt it.

Beasts and birds

Those from whom creativity is bursting out, there is no need to buy expensive country figures in special stores, because they can be made yourself from plastic. Birds, beasts, gnomes - enough imagination.

Beautiful flowers

From bottles, you can come up with decorative flower arrangements and arrange them around the site so that they please the eye. All you need is scissors, imagination and glue.

Plastic flower beds

Flower beds made of colored plastic will look very beautiful. To do this, you need to come up with the shape of the flower beds and just stick the bottoms of the bottles around the perimeter.


You can even make shoes from bottles! For example, it is very easy to make slippers, a large bottle is cut along the insole and these insoles are sewn together to form stable slippers. They can be decorated with flowers made of the same plastic.

Box for small items

Several bottles, stacked in a row, can become cells for small garden accessories. You can glue them or just put them side by side.

Watering plants

The bottle can be used as a watering can. For this, holes are made in the lid.

Flower pots

There is no need to spend extra money on ready-made pots, if what you can build them from lies literally under your feet.

Knee pads

Summer cottage work is often carried out in very uncomfortable positions. To protect your knees, homemade plastic knee pads work very well.


Not everyone in the country has lighting, but they want beauty and comfort. From an ordinary plastic bottle, you can build a small, but very beautiful candlestick. You will need scissors and a little imagination.


By cutting a plastic container into thin strips and tying these strips to the desired length of a stick, you can get a cheap and high-quality broom for cleaning leaves. Great savings!


By cutting off the top of the plastic bottle at an angle, you can get an uncomplicated funnel for kitchen and summer cottages.

Bird feeders

The birds in the summer cottage are very helpful neighbors. They help fight harmful insects. To attract them, you can make a simple bird feeder from a bottle.


You can build a whole greenhouse from bottles, the main thing is to have a lot of bottles at your disposal. At the container, the upper and lower parts are cut off, and a sheet is obtained from the middle. For straightening, the sheets are ironed with an iron. Such sheets are connected to each other by wire.


Also, empty bottles can be turned into resting places. For this, containers are filled with sand and then they can be used as bricks.