A dacha for many people is almost sacred. Arriving there, people relax from the bustle of the city, enjoy nature and fresh air, relax or do something. However, there are several types of activities in the summer cottage that can go sideways to the summer resident, therefore, it is advisable to familiarize every summer resident or anyone who is just planning to become one with this kind of information.

Planting potatoes

As strange as it may sound, it is necessary to plant potatoes in your own summer cottage with an eye on the Code of Administrative Offenses. It says that potatoes can now be planted only from seeds purchased in specialized stores. Otherwise, the summer resident will be fined from 500 to 1000 rubles.

Wrong location of the toilet

Installing a toilet wherever you want will also not work. According to the rules, the distance of the toilet from the dwelling must be at least 12 meters, otherwise the summer resident faces a fine of 3 to 5 thousand rubles. The toilet can only be of a strictly defined type by law; waste must be sealed. This is done in order to maintain sanitary safety and is fully justified.

Using the wrong wood

Firewood must be purchased at a specialized store. Cutting down trees and bushes for firewood is punishable by law. It is noteworthy that buying firewood from a friend is also illegal, even if he bought it according to the rules. The fine for such an offense is 4-5 thousand.

Cutting down a tree in your area

Cutting a tree in your own summer cottage without permission from the authorities can also result in a fine of five thousand rubles. And if the tree turns out to be a representative of a rare breed, then this fine will increase 10 times and amount to 50 thousand. Such a felled tree may also face criminal penalties.

Garbage incineration

It is illegal to dispose of garbage in the garden by burning. Household waste must be taken by the summer resident to the landfill. If the owner of the site decides to burn the garbage in his country house, then he can easily get a fine of 2 - 5 thousand rubles.

These rules are designed to ensure the safety of people and the protection of nature. Unfortunately, some people think only of themselves and allow themselves to cut down a tree, start a fire, and otherwise harm nature and neighbors. That is why there are such penalties, so that at least the threat of losing an impressive amount of money made people change their minds.