Spring preparation of the plot in the garden should begin at a time when suitable climatic conditions come. Usually, in the middle lane, spring work in gardens and orchards begins in April. The main indicator is the absence of snow and an increase in air temperature above zero degrees. But it should be borne in mind that it is not worth starting any work on improving the site immediately after the snow melts. To begin with, you need to wait a couple of weeks until the soil moisture drops slightly.

Phased soil preparation

It is very important to take into account that the spring preparation of the plot in the garden should consist of certain stages that must be carried out in a clear sequence and at a time suitable for each type of work.

Digging the garden

If the bed was not dug up in the fall, then before preparing the land for planting it must first be dug up. You do not need to dig very deep, 15 centimeters is enough. But it is important to consider that the layer of earth should be turned over completely so that the entire lower layer of soil is on top.


During digging, it is necessary to saturate the soil with nitrogen. Compost, liquid mullein or manure can be used as top dressing. If organic matter has already been introduced into the soil in the fall, then there is no need to dig up the soil and apply fertilizers. If you need to dig up the beds and apply top dressing in the spring, then it is better to wait a few weeks until the soil compresses a little again.

Soil loosening

The dug soil should be well loosened to a depth of about 5-10 cm. During loosening, it is very important to select all the roots remaining from last year's weed grass, otherwise they will germinate and interfere with future seedlings and growing plants. And this will negatively affect their growth and development, and as a result, the yield will decrease. Loosening is best done using a rotary cultivator or a star roller.

How to level and mark ridges

The loosened soil can be leveled using a conventional rake. Next, you need to correctly mark the ridges. It is better if the width of the beds does not exceed 120 cm. This will make it easier and more convenient to carry out sowing work and take care of the plants in the future: remove weeds, remove excess shoots, loosen the aisles, to water. Any length of ridges can be made.

How to improve soil composition

To improve the composition, you can use fertilizers. In order to understand what specific substances in the soil are lacking, it is necessary to assess the indicators of soil quality. This is very easy to do manually if you determine the type of soil according to certain characteristics of the earthen coma. A clod made from clay soil does not break. Fertile black soil breaks with little effort. Sandy soil disintegrates instantly.

To improve the quality of the soil, you can use: organic and mineral fertilizers, green manure, peat or sand bedding.

Spring preparation of beds for sowing must be carried out in a timely manner and according to certain rules. The strength of the plants and directly the yield indicators will depend on the conditions created on the soil.