The summer season has a lot to offer. This is the sun, warmth, seaside resorts, beautiful greenery, etc. But there are also things that are very unpleasant. For example, mosquitoes. Surely everyone felt a mosquito bite on themselves, after which a person experiences an unpleasant itching at the site of the bite. Even the very presence of a mosquito in the house, namely its buzzing, can be annoying. There are many means to combat them. These are creams, devices that spread mosquito-frightening odors into the room, mosquito nets, etc. But there are several environmentally friendly methods using plants that can be planted in advance in the country.

Mint (cat)

Judging by the name, it becomes clear that this is the favorite plant of cats. Therefore, they can make growing catnip much more difficult. But in any case, the smell of this plant repels mosquitoes. At the same time, it is pleasant enough for people. Thus, there are two advantages at once, a pleasant smell of the house and the absence of mosquitoes.


Planting green basil can also be doubly beneficial. The first benefit is that it is used in the kitchen. Basil has a pleasant aroma and at the same time is very beneficial for the body. And if you pour boiling water over it and add a little vodka, then by spraying this solution you can fight unwanted insects.


Another plant that a person can use in his food, or rather, brew tea from it. Melissa has a pleasant citrus aroma that is unpleasant for mosquitoes. But this aroma brings only peace and pleasure to a person.


This plant brings not only a pleasant aroma, but also an excellent appearance. Blue flowers look great in a flower bed. Also, its smell is used to fight mosquitoes.


Another type of mint that can be used to combat annoying insects. To do this, it is enough to cut a mature plant and spread it around the house. After completely drying and when the fragrance wears off, it must be replaced.


Another effective repellent. In other words, this substance is against blood-sucking arthropods. Citronella essential oil is found in almost every mosquito repellent. Therefore, planting this plant in your area makes clear sense.


The most accessible and familiar plant. It turns out that it is also able to fight mosquitoes, and thereby facilitate mutual existence with them.


Another plant that pleases not only with its properties of fighting insects, but also with excellent beautiful flowers. This is a great option to plant them at the very entrance to the house, as they carry aesthetic qualities that are pleasing to the eye.

It can be concluded that there are a number of plants that can greatly facilitate the summer season. Having lost from annoying mosquitoes, you can sleep peacefully and not be afraid that they will bite you. And this is really important, because because of them a person is often distracted and cannot concentrate on a really important and necessary matter.