Each owner of a plot or garden always wants to refine it, make it even more comfortable and neat. A great option for this is car tires. With their help, you can cool the landscape by adding bright colors to it.

Tire benefits

Many people use tires to create flower beds because the rubber they actually consist of is well heat-treated, due to which they can be given any shape and structure.

Among other things, using such material to create flower beds, people care about the environment and ecology, without throwing them into a landfill. Such material is rather difficult to recycle.

Disadvantages of tires

They practically do not exist, the only thing that can be attributed here is, as many believe, an unpresentable appearance. Someone will say: "Why use waste tires on your site, if you can choose the actual decorative elements for the landscape?" The choice is up to everyone, based on their financial capabilities and visions of beauty.

Types of flower beds from tires

To create an original flower garden from tires, special knowledge and abilities are not required. Here are what they are:

  • low;
  • round;
  • high;
  • multi-tiered;
  • curly;
  • suspended.

Round flower bed

This is the simplest type. For him, it is enough just to take the tire, clean it, paint it in any color and cover it with earth. It couldn't be easier!

Multi-tiered flower beds

Multilevel options are based on tires of different diameters. There is also nothing complicated here: they are laid in the form of a children's pyramid and flowers are planted in the free edges. When they bloom, the composition looks very interesting and harmonious.

Suspended flower beds

Anyone can make such a structure: a tire is taken, the bottom of which must be laid with a strong material that can withstand the weight of the earth. For example, plywood is perfect for such purposes. Further, the tire is painted, chains are threaded into it and it is suspended according to the pots principle.

Curly flower beds

Here, things are a little more complicated, because to create curly flower beds, you need to have some skills in working with rubber. In this case, it will be required to heat it and instantly give the material the desired shape.

For such work, it is better to stock up on tires of various diameters and a good rubber knife.