Tomatoes in their homeland in South America are completely perennials that bear fruit almost all year round. But in Russia, you still need to try to make tomatoes grow and take root in the open field. This is influenced by many factors: climatic conditions, soil condition, correct cultivation of seedlings. What early varieties of tomatoes are the most popular for outdoor use? This is worth talking about today.

Boney MM

This is the most popular variety, because it really is early maturing and unpretentious. It perfectly tolerates transplants on the beds, subject to temporary film cover. Gives sweet and sour oval-shaped fruits, the weight of which starts from eighty grams.

Boney MM tomato bushes are quite compact, they grow in height no more than fifty centimeters. This factor allows them to be planted more often, therefore, the amount of harvest will increase.

Siberian early maturing

An early variety of tomatoes, the tops of which also do not grow more than fifty centimeters. At the exit, round fruits with a dense sourish peel are obtained. The mass of one tomato is on average one hundred - one hundred and ten grams. The pulp is soft and very fragrant. The advantage of this variety is that it favorably tolerates weather changes and resists many diseases well.

Geranium kiss

It is also an early variety that can be grown both on the balcony and outdoors. The mass of one fruit is only thirty grams, but at the same time they are very fleshy and tasty.

Many people love this variety because it is ideal for canning: tomatoes do not have to be cut.


A versatile variety that grows up to sixty centimeters in height. The fruits are red and large enough (up to hundreds of grams). The pulp is fragrant, not too dense.

People love the Sanka variety because these tomatoes retain all their consumer qualities for a very long time: they do not crack, do not deform in part of their shape.

Petrusha the gardener

Altai variety of early tomatoes. Seedlings thrive in the open field, giving a large amount of yield. The weight of one fruit reaches one hundred and sixty grams, the shape is oval with an elongated tip. They can be planted even where there is not enough light - the variety is adapted for such conditions.