The word tomato itself, translated from Italian, means a golden apple. The ancestor of tomatoes was South America. Now they are grown all over the world, if not in the ground, then in greenhouses.

There are many varieties of tomatoes that differ in taste, the set of nutrients in them, and color. The most common color is red, but there are also yellow, orange, pink and even green and purple.

Lemon giant

The variety has large fruits, their weight reaches 0.9 kilograms. They taste sweet, with a lemon flavor. Tomatoes grow in brushes of 5 pieces each, 3 of which are large and 2 are smaller. Fleshy fruits, flattened shape. Very productive, up to 5 kilograms of tomatoes are harvested from each bush. It can be grown both in the open field and in greenhouses, the ripening time is 120 days.


The variety belongs to the medium early, ripens 90-100 days after planting. The shape of the fruit is round, weighing up to 100 grams, growing up to 1 meter in height, does not require pinching. Tomatoes have a delicate, sweet, fruity taste. Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field.


Tall, bush reaches a height of 80 centimeters, in greenhouses up to 1.5 meters. The tomato has a sweetish taste with a fruity flavor, weighing 300-500 grams. Fruiting until the frost. It contains very little organic acids, but a lot of beta-carotene.

Yellow giant

The variety is tall, reaches a height of 1.7 meters, bears fruit in clusters, up to 6 fruits, 400 grams each in 1 cluster. From 1 bush, you can collect 5.5 kilograms of tomato. The shape has uneven, ribbed edges, a flattened shape.

Fruits with a thin skin, sweet taste and slight sourness. The tomato is mid-season, ripens 110 days from planting, bears fruit for 45 days. It takes root well in all regions. In the far north, it can only be grown in heated greenhouses.

A barrel of honey

The tomato has a fleshy flesh with a sweet taste. The ovaries on a tall bush, reaching 1.5 meters, form quickly, the fruits are thin, flattened, weighing 200-400 grams, The fruit is mid-ripening, ripening time 110 days. Can be grown both outdoors and under cover.

Tomato Bovine heart orange

The variety has a powerful stem that grows up to 180 centimeters in height, requires a garter or trellis. The tomato is mid-season, ripening time 130 days. Each cluster contains 5-6 fruits, weighing 250-400 grams. The taste of juicy, dense pulp is sweet and sour, with a shape reminiscent of a heart.

Honey saved

A tall tomato, reaching a height of 1.5 meters, has a juicy honey pulp without sourness. Fruits weighing 600 grams ripen 110 days after planting in the ground. With good care, 5 kilograms of tomatoes are harvested from the bush.

Yellow tomatoes are superior to red varieties in their useful qualities. They can be eaten by people suffering from allergic diseases. They have a positive effect on the kidneys, liver, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, help get rid of toxins in the body. It is an indispensable product for baby and diet food.