When a summer cottage appears, there will certainly be a desire to grow everything here and, as they say, at once. But, alas, this is absolutely impossible to do. Below is a list of plants that should not be planted at all on your site?

Blue lotus

This beautiful deep blue flower actually carries a considerable danger to human health. His vapors cause severe hallucinations, both visual and auditory. If suddenly an inexperienced gardener wants to decorate the pond with such a plant, then this can bring a lot of problems. Is it worth the risk in this case ?!


This is an evergreen plant that you just want to decorate your landscape design with. But there is no need to rush, kata juice has a negative effect on the human nervous system, blocking the instincts responsible for self-preservation.

Hawaiian rose

The seeds of a climbing rose of delicate purple flowers contain a substance that causes severe hallucinations and a feeling of constant fatigue.


Sage vapors have a very bad effect on the brain activity of a person, putting him into a state of anxiety and panic. At first glance, pretty flowers actually turn out to be very, very dangerous for human life.


Experienced gardeners know ephedra as a Chinese coniferous shrub with bright orange flowers. But who would have thought that such a plant is for a potent psychostimulant, which negatively affects not some particular system, but the whole organism as a whole.


Despite various laws passed by the Russian government, many gardeners continue to decorate their plots with beautiful plants - poppies. If you do not want problems with law enforcement agencies, then it is better to deny yourself this.

Mimosa hostilis

You should also be careful with the cultivation of hostilis mimosa. After all, scientists have also proven that most of this plant is applicable for the preparation of various drugs.