Every gardener is always in search of new tips and life hacks that could help him in gardening. But, alas, not all advice from the World Wide Web is useful. And which ones, about this in today's article.

Nails and hydrangeas

Florists have probably more than once met on various forums a way to change the color of hydrangeas. It is to stick rusty nails into the soil where they grow. In fact, this life hack is more than useless. First, flowers are incapable of drawing iron from metallic elements. Secondly, the color of hydrangeas is influenced by aluminum, but not by ferrum.

Seedlings and eggshells

Someone thinks that eggshells are a great place for seedlings. You just need to carefully make a hole at its bottom and fill it with soil. Then, when the seedlings are completely ready for planting, you can place them in open soil right in the shell.

Alas, just the smell of such a method will make him refuse. In addition, the eggshell is very fragile, it will be extremely difficult to work with it.

Detergent and weeds

On the Internet, there are many ways to combat weeds. One of them is directly related to the use of detergents.

Yes, no one argues, such a composition can really affect the growth of weeds, but it will also affect the deterioration of the soil condition. Simply put, a person will water a piece of land with clean chemistry, which will spread throughout the garden with rains.

Roses and potatoes

For roses to take root well, you need to grow them in a potato.

This method is indeed effective, but the effect will be the same if you just simply always keep the soil where the roses are planted moist.

Hanging beds for greenery at home

It's great to enjoy your own fresh harvest of greenery all year round. Among other things, the "experts" on the forums promise that you can reap the benefits right in your kitchen on the hanging beds.

It may look good aesthetically, but in practice the result will be zero. Each, even the most unpretentious grass, needs a special mode of watering and lighting. Having placed them in a hanging garden bed, you should not expect any colossal harvests.